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Welcome to the home of the original iNeedaDrink!

Ever been at a concert, club, bar, or classy joint where the chatter is loud and the music even louder? Come on, we have all been there.. The feeling of what seems hours waiting in line at the bar for your next drink. Maybe you're just looking to impress a couple of friends, or better yet - did you ever wish your iPhone could do the ordering for you?

Wait no more! With this app, all you need to do is pick your poison and hold your phone up high. It's bright and sure to grab the bartender's attention, others will be sure to notice you as well.

Can't decide what you want to drink? Just select beer, wine or liquor, then give your phone a shake and we'll do the thinking for you.

Don't forget to tip your bartenders! This app makes it easy to communicate, and a generous tip will guarantee your happiness.

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